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they're just directories, and trunk is just a name. By convention though there is usually one. If

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It's something subversion can't do yet. It doesn't really do a good job with moves and renames.

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You could. The only problem is that the current diff format is not capable of describing everything

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Yes, if you have SSH access to your server, then it's very simple just to update the working copy on

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If you're on unix, symbolic links could solve your problem.

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Yes, you should have two branches (at least). One for the fixes and one for the new work. You woul

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Sounds like what you're asking is what is most common. I don't think there's any way to know what's

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It's also possible that many people don't have an answer because they're still on 1.4. The answer I

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If one project is dependent on another, consider branching the dependent branch off the other, and n

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Re: Merge: how to replace an old working copy with trunk No, it's very possible and easy (if I'm ...

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