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That REGEX does not match the comment ("PRODUCT-XXX") message. And that REGEX is a Perl REGEX not a ...

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The company CollabNet was acquired by TPG. They are no longer in the Subversion business. I guess ...

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Q1) What line needs to be at the top of each dummy file, as with an RCS versioning line? How is it s

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Up to you. I think we are talking about the same thing. What might be missing is the fact that Sub

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Officially SVN 1.6.11 went out of support YEARS ago (when 1.8.0 was shipped - 2013-06-18). However,

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Your router is acting as a NAT. You’ll have to setup a DMZ if you want to connect from the internet...

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My knowledge of Windows is stale but "netstat" is a Unix/Linux tool. Not sure what it does on Windo

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Make sure to run "svn cleanup" with the current working directory being the root of the working copy

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Likely a firewall blocking the server's SVN port. You'll need to track down what port you're using

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Steps 0,1,2 will load revisions 1-5132 into the new repo before the later steps add to it. Please r

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