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...because you're asking the developer on a forum that s/he most likely does not read regularly, and

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Re: SVN user management tool [quote=andremta]Are you a moderator? If yes, you should worry more a

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Hi Ben Your plan (version the default project) sounds sensible. My recommendation would be to *br

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Hi mlg3 "svn log". With the "-v" (verbose) option it'll specify which files changed for each revi

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Hi Pascal You could "branch" (i.e. "svn move") trunk to become a new branch:[code]svn move [url]h

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Hi Tom Use the "--stop-on-copy" argument with "svn log" to determine the revision at which a bran

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Hi akuccputsedut First things first: when you first posted the issue was with your pre-commt hook

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Hi That's right: the export approach will result in all files being FTPd. You need to balance the

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Hi akuccputsedut "#!" is the usual content of the first two characters of the first line of a Uni

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Hi akuccputsedut Hook scripts run with no environment, hence no %PATH%. You'll need to provide a

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