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Hi James, Many apologies for the delays in getting back to you. Are you trying to set up 2 version

Posted in Attempting to maintain two separate Subversion version on the same machine

Hi Shruthi, You need to enable authentication/authorization on the server side. The way you do it i

Posted in I am able to access SVN with a blank Password. Where and how do I stop this?

Markus, I think you already raised a support ticket about this and we got it fixed in an intermitte

Posted in Diff browser keyboard bindings

The limit was introduced to avoid possible memory and UI performance problems. The Transactions view

Posted in More than 1000 transactions

This problems appears to be affecting SWT library under Ubuntu 13.10. If you edit the l

Posted in Ubuntu 13.10 and SmartSVN

Thank you for your patience and for the feedback. I will make sure that this is logged as an impro

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Great stuff, thanks!

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Hi David, You don't have to do anything with these files. This status is only for informational pur

Posted in Local State = History Scheduled

Hi David, Files marked as History-Scheduled indicate that a parent directory has been added with hi

Posted in Local State = History Scheduled

Hi, Many apologies for a late reply. The error message you have pasted suggests a corrupted workin

Posted in How user smartSvn to resolve svn E155032 error Pristine text not found