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There is no "version" property in Subversion. Is this a custom property you've created? Everythin

Posted in How to get version property being applied in Pre-commit hook.

[QUOTE=satheesh;130645]Is any other server settings are there to change this line endings.... ?[/quo

Posted in how to give multiline comments for svnmucc put command

Actually, the Vendor Branch portion of the book is completely relevant to your scenario.

Posted in Local modifications to external code

Option 1: Only check out trunk. You don't have to check out from the top level of your tree, you can

Posted in Allow branches/tags not to be automatically updated

That's correct, you can't. And if used as you describe, it would be pointless. Post-commit fires

Posted in Not able to send error msg from post-commit hook to svn client for version property

Post-commit is [b]always[/b] called. Whether it actually does any work or not is dependent upon t

Posted in Post-commit hook is not getting called for some commits

You have 2 options:[list][*]Set up user access controls and only grant the svnsync account write per

Posted in pre-commit hook to block the commit other than svnsync

Then you have nothing to commit. The ? status means "unknown" - you haven't added those items (and g

Posted in svn commit command

[QUOTE=satheesh;127429]I have already set the environment path for svn.exe(svn help-shows the help i

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[QUOTE=Mand;127414]The fact that it 'worked' in Tortoise suggests that he has SVN installed somewher

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