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It runs in server context and in the context of user who owns the svn server process.

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Probably wrong choice of words, I am just looking for a simple filter which will give the post which

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In earlier software there was a mechanism to find all questions which unanswered but I don't seem to

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[quote]C:\Program Files\svn-win32-1.6.6\bin\svn.exe[/quote] probably space in path is causing the p

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[code]If we want to set these similar properties(bugtraq:message & bugtraq:url) from Linux OS, how d

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I have not used nant but probably u need to adjust "recurse" parameter to specify depth

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[quote]1- I think the trunk should remain the "stable" version of our software. How can i manage t

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subversion revision numbers are not associated to individual files, its associated with complete tre

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[quote] I don't think you can blame us for smarter bots[/quote] I am not up for any blame games her

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[quote]I update the project to any revison on an other machine TortoiseSVN download and add the 35.

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