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Hi, usually a build number as obviously by name the build system will produce such a build number..

Posted in How to implement build numbers.

Hi, how did you create the branch ? Kind regards Karl Heinz Marbaise

Posted in Can't perform mege correctly

Hi, In this simple case you shouldn't use the --reintegrate option. If you checked out a working co

Posted in Can't perform mege correctly

Hi to all, now a new Release of TortoiseSVN which has been linked against Subversion 1.6.15 is

Posted in TortoiseSVN 1.6.12 released

Hi, i would suggest to create log files during the hook script and check the contents if this is

Posted in pre-unlock.tmpl returning an apache error 403 or 500

Hi to all, a new release of Subversion is available.... Homepage: [url]http://subversion.apac

Posted in Subversion 1.6.15 available

Hi, [quote=mdellerus][quote]I certainly can merge a hotcopied SVN tree back with a main. It's a

Posted in can subversion 1.6 be made "just as distributed as git&

Hi, the simplest way is to use the svnadmin dump tool...but could be a problem if your repos is h

Posted in Migration from multirepository to single repository

Hi, for this kind of requirement you should have to look at svn:externals which will solve exactl

Posted in Working copy inside another working copy

Hi to all, new Release of Subversion 1.6.13 has been released. Announcment: [url]http://svn.h

Posted in Subversion 1.6.13 Release / TortoiseSVN (1.6.11)