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Old thread, but rather than doing a straight rsync, you might want to copy some parts of this contri

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"svn rm --keep-local my_file" should leave the file in your working copy.

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[url][/url] Is that what you're

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People randomly changing the files that svn stores its data in would have bad effects... Are you

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I like the idea, and can't think of anything that can do this off the top of my head. Adding it int

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I realize this post is somewhat ancient, but if people have quality svn resources, feel free to hit

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I personally think that the tags, branches, trunks should only be in the leaves. Sure the layout ma

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Unfortunately this is not really possible. What shows up in "svn st" for the directory you're in is

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That sounds right. What some people do is only update conditionally (under a certain -stable tree o

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If you want the actual files you need a working copy. You can put together a commit script which ch

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