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Technically you can create a repo in ubersvn then manually edit the ubersvn/conf/conf.d/50-repositor

Posted in Creation of an UberSVN repository from the Linux command line

I have the same issue with the port mixup.

Posted in Few issues

Are you using a firewall? If so, are the proper ports open?

Posted in what ip address to use on istallation ??

After enabling https, new account emails have the address [url][/url]

Posted in New account email has wrong url after switching to https

Is there an address we can manually add to the hosts file to make it work?

Posted in workaround for upgrading ubersvn when going through proxy to internet

I think firewall might be the wrong word. I am behind a proxy. Is there any way to set my proxy se

Posted in "uberApps server is not currently available. Please try again later."

Excellent suggestions It would be nice to be able to configure ubersvn groups to match LDAP group

Posted in LDAP integration - can't add LDAP users to Teams?