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You cannot get a definitive answer "this is a move" but you can infer a move by connecting a delete

Posted in How to identify rename/move operation in post-commit hook

From the command line you can use the "svnlook" command. I'm not clear what information you want to

Posted in Is there a way I can see the repository project structure at SVN server side?

Are you trying to use plaintext password storage, gnome keyring, kde wallet or gpg agent? Are you us

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Run 'svnlook changed' and get a list of all the paths modified in the transaction. Select lines with

Posted in Pre-commit hook to run pmd on the files that are being committed

The upcoming 1.8 release will detect this and raise a tree-conflict. [url]http://subversion.tigris.

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svnsync uses svn_ra_callbacks2_t directly so is similar to svnmucc, set source_callbacks.get_client_

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For clients that use an svn_client_context_t you can set the client_name member: [code] Index: sub

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It's only ever been reported on Windows. It may be some sort of binary incompatibility between the a

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You can do it with the python bindings:[code] #!/usr/bin/python import sys from svn import repo

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The reason for not changing the commit is that the client and server communicate file changes as del

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