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Sorry CodeNinja, sounds like this feature is not currently available in the UI. The good news is, y

Posted in SSLCertificateChainFile Removed After GUI Edits

Hi let me check with the uberSVN team and see if it's exposed in the UI somewhere.

Posted in SSLCertificateChainFile Removed After GUI Edits

What appears in the logs for failed authentication? I know apache has better logging. It may be th

Posted in svnserve Log file configuration

I think you're looking for path based authorization. You can do this with open source Subversion vi

Posted in How to Implement New hook script for checkout

If it's for apache see the docs at [URL][/URL] Piping it

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Was able to fix the ubersvncontrol stop|restart issue by modifying line 92 of the ubersvncontrol scr

Posted in Problem with adding new repositories - Apache not being restarted

What operating system is the subversion client running on? Which exact client are you using? Comma

Posted in How to remove file with simbol @ in name?

Thank you for reporting this, I will forward it to the appropriate resource.

Posted in Wandisco Solaris SVN Install error

The best place for uberSVN feature requests is [URL][/URL]

Posted in uberAPPS application availability

I think what you're looking for is svn externals, see [URL]

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