[subversion] Accent problem after migration windows to linux repository

Hello,    I want to migrate a server from Windows to Linux subversion (Red Hat).  We work on Windows, using Tortoise or Subclispe like svn client. Our IDE are configured to use UTF-8.    We have problem with accents we checkout the the new subversion repository on the linux server.  This problem disappears if we set encoding on our IDE in ISO-8859-1    the command  local  on red hat returns:  [quotes]  LANG = en_US  LC_CTYPE = "en_US"  LC_NUMERIC = "en_US"  LC_TIME = "en_US"  LC_COLLATE = "en_US"  LC_MONETARY = "en_US"  LC_MESSAGES = "en_US"  LC_PAPER = "en_US"  Lc_name = "en_US"  LC_ADDRESS = "en_US"  LC_TELEPHONE = "en_US"  LC_MEASUREMENT = "en_US"  LC_IDENTIFICATION = "en_US"  LC_ALL =  [quotes]  and the command  cat / etc/sysconfig/i18n  returns  [quotes]  LANG = "en_US"  SUPPORTED = "en_US.UTF-8: fr_FR: fr"  SYSFONT = "LatArCyrHeb-sun16"  [quotes]    When I edit a file, or when I export a file from the repository, there is no problem on the linux server even if the command  file-i  don't return an encoding.  If I create a new file encoded in utf-8 export it...no worries.    My problem is that svnadmin dump seems to be losing the encoding ...  How to resolve this problem of encoding?  Thank you for your help.

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