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Those of you who are regular visitors to this forum will know there are a fair few WANdisco people who come by to answer questions or point you in the direction of some online resource or other.    We've just released a new version of uberSVN, and we're planning major improvements over the next few months, which we hope will make things easier for you to implement it. We also realise that this and future releases may mean you have questions, or want to know how a new feature or app will fit into your current build environment.    As the forum gets busier, along with people talking about us on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the like it's obvious that someone will need to pull it all together and make sure we're there to answer questions wherever they're posted.    As you may have guessed by now that person is me. :)    From now on I'll be hanging around here and popping up all over the internet to join the conversation about subversion, uberSVN and uberApps. I'll be able to answer all your questions, or if not I'll get the answer for you. I'll also be looking for feedback about how we can improve things for you and hopefully get to know you all better.    If you have any questions/comments or just want to chat about subversion and our services you can post them here, or find us on Twitter here:!/WANdisco    Cheers  Mand

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