uberSVN Chimney House Release 3 is now available!

The latest release (uberSVN 12.07 - Chimney House 3) is largely focused on LDAP fixes and improvements.    A full list of what's fixed/added is below. We'd advise anyone who uses LDAP/Active Directory functionality in uberSVN to upgrade as soon as possible. You can install the latest version via the Administration > Updates panel in uberSVN.    Fixes:    * [LDAP] LDAP UI and journey improvements: "use LDAP for uberSVN login" radio button moved to a more prominent/overarching position, LDAP "internal encryption" fields have now been moved to "Admin > uberSVN Server > Encryption settings" area, back button provided within the LDAP Locations pages, "Advanced settings" button also moved to the main "LDAP Locations" tab following feedback from various customers. (ESVNB-3662) (ESVNB-3626) (ESVNB-3624)  * [LDAP] Improvements to the user experience within the "Test LDAP connection" logic and "Retrieve LDAP users" pop-up. These functions are now combined. (ESVNB-3620)  * [LDAP] Tool tips/Help notes are now provided within the LDAP pages to clarify the meaning of each entry field. (ESVNB-3623)  * [LDAP] LDAP trust stores causing auth errors and failing on Windows environments with Active Directory. Th necessary openldap 2.4.31 and httpd 2.2.22 for Windows are now shipped. Apache now successfully authenticates against the Active Directory over SSL. (ESVNB-3713)  * [LDAP] when configuring SSLcert for Apache within the "Admin > Subversion Server > Proxy Pass" area, the path specified was not being passed to Apache in quotations causing communication failures. Manual edit of ubersvn\conf\conf.d\proxy-pass.conf file no longer required. (ESVNB-3701)  * [Core] We fixed a bug which was preventing users from creating custom tabs within the Tab Manager. (ESVNB-3748)  * [Core] We have created a manual method for the upgrade from legacy uberSVN versions (e.g. from v11.11) to Chimney House 3 (v12.07). Manual method required due to substantial changes in the db structure since 11.11, no offline update tool exists, backup & restore method not possible. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade from versions 11.11 or before. (ESVNB-3714)  * [Core] We've fixed a problem with references to Repository URLs being inconsistent across Subversion Access Control, the repository browser (Sventon) and within uberSVN's administration screen fields specifically when proxy pass is enabled. (ESVNB-3662)  * [Core] You should no longer experience problems connecting to uberAPPS ("We were unable to connect to the uberAPPS store. Please try again later") or search for updates ("Update check failed: peer not authenticated") when LDAPS certs are defined within the trust store. We are no longer mishandling the trust store authentication details which resulted in the trust store not containing all the root CA certs required. (ESVNB-3694)  * [Core] Previously, uberSVN Dashboard would hang and images would fail to load when there was no internet connectivity. We've fixed this by pre-loading the dashboard images and reverting to cached images, gracefully failing in the event that there's no connection. (ESVNB-3012)  * [Core] Links to team profile pages that didn't appear on the first page of the list of teams (on the Team tab) now work. Previously the work-around had been to seach for a team using the filter in order to get a working link to it. (ESVNB-3012)

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