Subversion Live - special offer for svnforum members!

Hi guys,    Some of you may know that we run the Subversion Live event. This is an annual event for Subversion users, contributors and developers to get together, share best practices, and get information about what's coming up for Subversion and the wider community.    This year we'll be running three events, in San Francisco, London and Greenwich (NY). The events run for two days, and feature some big names from the Subversion community.    Some of the subjects of the sessions this year include:  
     What's coming in 1.8  
     Best Practices for Large Subversion Deployments  
     Subversion Server Tuning Demo  
     New Developments in SVN clients  
     Merge & Performance Improvements  
     Branching & Merging Best Practices  
     Hook Scripts  
     Apache Bloodhound  
   We have a special offer for any forum users who want to go to Subversion Live, simply enter the code FORUM35 when you book and you'll get 35% off the cover price of a ticket.    You can find more information and book your ticket here.

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