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Hi    I'm trying to have commit notifications to my email-adress. But for some reason I get an error message when trying to commit.      Warnung: post-commit hook failed (exit code 2) with output:  /home/myname/svn/cg1/hooks/post-commit: syntax error at line 5: `AUTHOR=$' unexpected      I don't see any syntax mistake. This is my post-commit:      #!/bin/sh    REPOS="$1"  REV="$2"  AUTHOR=$(svnlook author -r $REV $REPOS)  DATE=$(svnlook date -r $REV $REPOS)    {   echo "REPOSITORY: $REPOS"   echo "REVISION: $REV"   echo "COMMITTED BY: $AUTHOR"   echo "DATE: $DATE"     echo ""   echo "DESCRIPTION:"   svnlook log -r $REV $REPOS     echo ""   echo "FILES:"   svnlook changed -r $REV $REPOS     echo ""   echo "DIFF:"   svnlook diff -r $REV $REPOS    } | mail -s "cg1 svn commit: $REV von $AUTHOR" her@idontknow      can you help me and explain why I get this error message?    thank you  Sadik

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