Changing a text file to UTF-16 makes it uncommitable (Inconsistent EOL-Style)

Jens Mühlenhoff
Jens Mühlenhoff
SmartSVN Version 7.5.4, Windows 7 64-Bit    Steps:    - Commit a text file in ANSI (or UTF-8) encoding with Windows line endings (I didn't touch the EOL-Style, so it's set to "native")  - Convert the text file to UTF-16 encoding with Windows line endings  - Try to commit    Expected Result:    SmartSVN commits the file with no problems.    Actual Result:    The file gets uncommitable, the error message is "Uncommitable (Inconsistent EOL-Style)".    This message is wrong, since the file has consistent EOL style. Only the encoding changed. (I checked the line endings with a hex editor)    The only fix I found is to remove the file from the repository and re-add it. This breaks the history of the file.    This makes me think that it is a SVN limitation, but maybe SmartSVN can do something to fix the problem.

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