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I just moved to UberSVN from VisualSVN Server. The process was a rather painful one because I had to manually import 400 repositories through the painful Create -> deleted on disk -> move on disk process. That took three full days of effort to accomplish!  My current core version is: 13.02.3153-2  Here are my notes from the install:  
  • There is no easy way to add a path to the URL. This means that my users had to relocate all repositories instead of just being able to make my path https://myserver/svn 
  • No bulk import. I know I have to do this once but what if I ever lose my config and backups? 
  • Search box crashes shockwave on Chrome every search 
  • Hitting enter on the search box causes the default button to be pressed. The default button is the delete repository button. NO! BAD UBERSVN BAD!!!!! 
  • Hitting enter in the administration tab of a repository is the same as hitting the delete button and not the save button. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!!!!! (Have I been clear here? This is a potential data loss situation and is never acceptable from a UI standpoint) 
  • I'd like to do more with email notifications but importing 400 repositories means that I've created a default "mycompany everybody" team which is assigned to all repositories. This means that I would need the ability to turn email on and off on a team based level so that I could create teams and assign them to individual repositories going forward. 
  • Repository search is incredibly slow. Painfully slow. It's like you implemented a purposefully slow bubble sort, slowed it down and then added delays for good measure. As an added bonus, as the list is slowly compacting itself, clicking on your repository will give you the wrong repo. You have to wait until the search finishes it's final iteration. 
  • Case sensitive searching for repositories is sub-optimal. I don't want to have to remember that ePl was ePl and not EPL or Epl. 
  • Lack of spaces handling in repository was a pain for tranferring from VSVN Server 
  • LDAP is improperly documented. It took me half a day to figure out that I had to include \ and not just user 
  • LDAP returned no records until I added the ?sAMAccountName to the end of the string as shown here ldap://server/CN=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=local?sAMAccountName 
  • I'm really worried by the lack of ability to automatically backup the config 

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Hey Leon,    Thanks very much for the feedback, we appreciate it.    Re the delete repo mentions, I can see why that's not good and will get this raised, to be fair it doesn't just blindly delete the repo though, you do get a big warning.    Bulk import and automated backups have been suggested a couple of times before, so that's something we are aware of.    400 repo's is the painful end of the scale I'm afraid, but on the bright side you shouldn't ever have to do that again. ;)    I'll also get the LDAP docs updated (this is something we were planning anyway, but a lot of queries get raised on it, so we're going to work to try and make it much more thorough).
Mand,    Thank you for the response. Some of the LDAP setup questions are answered here:    However many of the more fundamental questions aren't answered. I have a paid support incident to work through some of my confusion/issues tomorrow.    Leon
Great !! thanks for the information... for more information you can visit :

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