UberSVN not allowing password change for internally managed credentials. Why?

Hello,   We have a number of repositories we are managing with UberSVN. The bulk of our repositories are authenticated with LDAP (Active Directory, specifically). We do have a few repositories still authenticated with UberSVN internally managed credentials.     Here is the problem: if adding a new user to one of the repositories authenticated with UberSVN internally managed credentials, there is no field available for password. Before we switched our primary authentication to LDAP, we could manage internal user passwords and lockout through UberSVN. But now this part of the interface is gone.     Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, and if there is a solution?     I have already considered switching these few repositories over to LDAP authentication, but due to timing and rebuilding local workspaces, it is not feasible at this time. I am unable to effectively add a new user to the repository right now because their password can not be set.     Thoughts?    Thanks - Luke

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