Permissions: User can see activitys in Dashboard without read-right on Repo

Hello Together,  since an month I do use uberSVN with Jenkins for some PHP-Projects.    Everything right at the moment, I do love this Software.    An friend of mine would like also be able to use SVN, but he won't setup his ohne uberSVN. So I told him to let him access my SVN-Server.      I created an SVN-User, an Repository and give just him Access to this Repository. He does not have any access to all other Repositorys.    I set him an password and befor giving him Information, I do access uberSVN with his user. I could see logs from repositorys, where his user has NO rights.      Can I do some settings, so that he just can view Activitys in Dashboard from Repositorys where he has access-rights ??    Thanks for any Help.

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