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Hi,   Sorry for duplicating - I raised the question regarding the same functionality, but it seems that SmartSVN (at least version i am using 6.6.12) is not so smart in this area at all. Please take to account that i am referencing 6.6.12 version from here and on.  The problem: We have many branches and a trunk. We do code commits in a trunk and quite often we need to merge the same changes to branch/es.  Meanwhile this process is a manual nightmare. In my understanding It seems that SmartSVN can improve it's capability in this area pretty easily:   You have excellent window called transactions where we can see what was changed and where it was changed (branch 1...n, trunk), also sort it by whom, by revisions etc. I have following thoughts around this area. (Assume currently you are in a branch and code was committed in a trunk - you open transaction win. to see what was changed in a trunk) 1) in a transactions window you gotta be able to select set of files from a given revision and by mouse right clicking copy them over to the same directory structure in a current branch. After this is done we would know that all files needed are transferred to the branch and what is left to do is to go through all changes in a branch and verify that we are not going to commit something more that needed (which is anyways manual process).   This simple operation (and in my understanding also simple implementation wise) would save us at least 90% of time we are wasting on the merging.  P.S i tried to use 'merge' functionality from transaction windows but it works pretty awful.  First it does not work for a set of files, only for one file at a time (imagine you have 100 files in a set you want to merge) or this guy works for a full revision including all changes in all code made,  second some times file isn't merged however status shows that merged successful,  third does not working from trunk to branch only from branch to branch.   will really appreciate it if you take this cons to the account,  thanks in advance.

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