I want that svn copy from branch to WC copy the branch content not the branch name

Hello  I need the content of a branch to be copied to trunk  I have my workcopy at d:\svnproj\trunk  and at d:\svnproj I did this    svn copy /repos//branches/1.0-work/ d:/svnproj/trunk  A trunk\1.0-work\1.TXT  A trunk\1.0-work\2.TXT  A trunk\1.0-work\dir1  A trunk\1.0-work\dir1\3.TXT  A trunk\1.0-work\dir1\dir11  A trunk\1.0-work\dir1\dir11\11.1.TXT  A trunk\1.0-work\New_work.TXT  A trunk\1.0-work\N1.TXT    But this is not what I want, I would like the content of 1.0-work and not the dir 1.0-work  This is what I want.  A trunk\1.TXT  A trunk\2.TXT  A trunk\dir1  A trunk\dir1\3.TXT  A trunk\dir1\dir11  A trunk\dir1\dir11\11.1.TXT  A trunk\New_work.TXT  A trunk\N1.TXT    How can I do this?    best regards  Marcia

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