Leaving SmartSVN for good

After years of using the paid professional version of SmartSVN its time for me to say goodbye and try alternatives. The main reasons are the following:    1.) Slowliness:  SmartSVN is not speedy anymore as it used to be. It even freezes from time to time making working copies broken (recoverable with "Fix", nevertheless). You should be aware of it, it has been reported several times form different sources.  2.) Update-rate:  Subversion development is fast. It took too long for me and my team to get hands on a SmartSVN version working with v1.7+. It will be the same issue with v1.8+. I understand the reason (dependency on SVNKit), but its an issue.  3.) Bug-fixes:  Over the time I've reported quite some issues. Only a few of them were actually addressed. Usually I heard "we are working on it", "its on our [whatever] list" but nothing happened across major versions.  4.) Patch issues:  One major drawback I see is the compatibility with patches. We are working a lot with patches provided in unified diff format from other version control systems like GIT. While they apply w/o hazzle in software of competitors or even free, open-source software it was always a pain with SmartSVN. Its easy to reproduce: Put a project under version control with SVN and additionally, under GIT. Then try to apply patches from GIT. 90% will fail. Nevertheless, thats how todays development is, you are in a distributed team with different version control systems. Unified diff should really work reliable.    Don't take this as a hate-mail, I liked SmartSVN for a long time. There are still outstanding nice features I will definitely miss. I hope that I will return at some time in the future, but for now me and my team have to do a break and already switched to an alternative - for the sake of better productivity.

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