Using Local IIS and Tortoise SVN with VS

William Marquis
William Marquis
Hello,    First year programmer who is trying to use Tortoise with a VS solution that requires a local IIS server. When I choose 'Get Solution From Subversion' from the VisualSVN menu item in Visual Studio, it physically downloads the solution, but the directory in Visual Studio, while correctly named, does not have a directory structure. When I click on it, it says there is no web site of that name. Two points: there is a working web site on a local installation of IIS with that name, and Tortoise has made the correct association to the solution, at least in terms of having the green dot, etc.    When I create a solution in Visual Studio that points to the web site, which in turn points to the directory downloaded by the SVN it works just fine. This is however outside the scope of Tortoise. So it seems to be an issue with Tortoise recognizing there's a working IIS on my system.    Any advice is greatly appreciated.    William

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