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Here is my situation: We have developers using the keyword functions on all ASCII code. The values are "Rev" "Date" "Author" "Id". I know how to set the auto-prop on the client side for new files, but occasionally we have a developer change his properties on his WC for existing files. His keywords might be "$Revision" "Date" "Auth" and "ID". Obviously, this will change the properties for others using the file when they update and then their keywords wont work.    Is there a way we can force the keywords to be "Rev" "Id" "Author" and "Date"? I thought the pre-commit could to it, but it only shows the values of a revision, not transaction number. Not having any luck with the pre-revprop-change either. I want to either reject the commit if it is a value other than what i have above or just force the keyword values to be what i have set.    Is it possible to define all options? (I wouldnt think so, but can you define "Rev" and "Revision"?    Help please?    thanks in advance!

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