Simple DOS Post-Commit BAT Script Questions
Good morning,    I need to set up a simple DOS batch file post-commit script that determines whether the request is to update or delete the file in question, but I cannot find a list of commands, a help document, or an example that suits my needs.    Can someone point me in the right direction? Or, if you have an example that I can copy paste, then thank you!    RLS

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Something tells me I'm making this harder than it should be. I simply want to update files to the real working directory and delete them when they are deleted from the repository.  Is there something in UberSVN that I need to update to tell it where my working directory (not my repository) that will automatically do this without the need to write a special post-commit.bat script?  Administration -> Subversion Server -> httpd.conf Editor looks like a likely candidate.  The "help" link in my UberSVN doesn't work, and I cannot find a user manual or I'd have this taken care of by now.  It is very frustrating to get this last hurdle completed when there is no documentation to be found on what each of the incoming parameters are. If I had that I could write the batch file or otherwise take care of the problem. Does anyone have a list of the incoming parameters when a file is committed?   RLS
This is very frustrating. You would think the DOS post-commit bat file would be a common problem and that there would be a ton of resources, solutions, documentation, whatever available for this minor problem.  Does anyone even know how to pull the variables out as to which file is committed or updated? I can easily see environmental variables and the contents of the parameters %1, %2, etc, by using "set > c:\setVars.txt" and "echo 1=%1 2=%2 > c:\paramvars.txt" as lines in my post-commit.bat file, but they do not reveal the name of the file being acted on nor do they give me the action (commit, update, delete, etc) that is desired.  If you have this running in Windows with a DOS file, please share!  Thank you, RLS
Hi,  I've posted an answer to a later post of yours on this, in a different thread? Hope it helps you get things sorted.
Just had a look around online to see if there is a solution using the post-commit hook as it should be fairly simple (as you say) - there's this blog on the subject but it looks a bit more in depth than I was expecting:  Hope that helps?

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