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Hi folks,    I have a folder with 40+ WCs from different roots.    IntelliJ IDEA can manage the whole lot as a 'project' and tell me what changes are incoming from SVN, but then forces me to update every single module separately. This is useless.    I know SmartSVN can import a single working copy into a given project, but what I'd like to do is point it at a folder and tell it do them all.    Is this possible? I haven't (yet) found a way to do it.    I'm going to have a look at how SmartSVN is storing these projects, maybe see if I can edit the storage directly to add them.    Cheers,  -John

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Ok solved.    
  • Create a project and add a single root using Project > Open Working Copy and importing to a new project.  
  • Quit SmartSVN.  
  • Edit the file
     and use the root you added to locate that projects' roots in the XML. Remove that root. Nb. this is where the config is on Mac OS X for my user. Windows users will have to find this themselves. I did it by grepping all files for a known string (project name) until this one came up.  
  • Use the following snippet of Groovy to generate root strings for the current directory.  
 def dir = new File(".")    dir.eachDir { subdir ->   println ""  }  
  • Paste these strings into the projects.xml file.  
  • Start SmartSVN.  
   DIRE WARNING / DOOM, GLOOM, HERE BE DRAGONS etc  [COLOR="#A52A2A"]If you fat finger this file, you're quite likely to completely hose SmartSVN, so you should back it up. I'm sure WanDisco won't support this procedure (and neither will I) so you're on your own.[/COLOR]    Bulk import would probably be useful addition in the future.

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