We’re aware that there’s been a lot of speculation and questions about the future of uberSVN recently, and want to answer any queries you guys have. Our core business is built around our patented DConE technology, which we've used to solve some important Apache Subversion challenges for enterprise customers. Recently we've expanded into solutions for Git and for Hadoop, where we feel we can make a big difference. With a finite number of developers and our expansion into these new product areas, uberSVN is no longer something that we have the resources to pursue. As a result we've removed the download option from our website, and won't be issuing any further updates to the product. We're sorry for not making this announcement sooner, but will continue to answer technical questions about uberSVN in our community forums. As passionate supporters of the Open Source Software community, we'll continue to contribute to making Apache Subversion better for users at all levels, from employing people to work on the project, our certified binaries, our free webinars, SmartSVN, to hosting and organising events such as Subversion & Git Live.

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