Branch or not ? On TortoiseSVN.

Hi everyone,    I am working in a firm which use tortoise SVN in one of their project.    I have questions about SVN usage (for the record we use tortoise SVN, but it doesn't change anything, to my mind.)    If we consider a project with a version schematic as is:        I have a question, but I'm pretty sure of the answer, but I'm going to ask anyway.    Is there a way to link version like this ?:        The idea is to keep, a link between the trunk and the branch as the development goes forward.    We want to make sure that the merge process won't be a real problem because too many line changed aside in both version.    And the meaning doesn't match anymore on both side.    So to conclude the main question is:    do we really need to create a branch or not ?      To my mind, we don't need to create a branch, and the only to do is to develop commit every time we need, and make an update on others side.    I just want to make sure, so thank you.

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