Snapshot WC after resolving each merge conflict

I usually have to merge long revision lists (up to 50 rev numbers) when preparing new deployments of our codebase. These long revision lists tend to create conflicts that I have to manually resolve. What I usually do is  
  1. run merge (stops at first conflict)  
  2. resolve conflicts (these may take considerable time and serious copy-pasting)  
  3. create backup snapshot of WC (so I can return to this stage later in case I screw up down the line)  
  4. repeat until no conflicts left,  
  5. clean up backup snapshots.  
   SmartSVN helps a lot with steps #1 and #2, but I have to switch to a file manager or terminal to do #3 and #5.    It would be nice to have an option in the merge dialog to "Save backup of current working copy", which  
  • I could revert to from the SmartSVN interface to continue the merge from an earlier step, and  
  • would be automatically cleaned up after I commit.  

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Realise it's not available from the merge window, but you could create a tag at each stage you need a snapshot? Not sure that'd be faster than copying the folders out as you're doing though given that you'd need to close the merge window to do so.  I'll pass the suggestion on and see what we can do, thanks very much.

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