svnsync synchronize fails

Hello    I have failed to create mirror of my repositories. My configuration is:  The repositories are on Linux machine with Apache 2.0.x / SVN 1.2.3.  Mirror repos are on my machine (Win XPSP2 / Apache 2.0.55 / SVN 1.4.0).    I created repositiories on my machine, initialized them with 'svnsync initialize dest_url src_url' -- this was OK. Then I tried 'svnsync synchronize dest_url' but it did not proceed. Instead this error occured:    E:\svnrepos-mirror>svnsync --username myusername --password mypassword synchronize http://walker/svn-mirror/103113  svnsync: REPORT request failed on ''  svnsync: The requested report is unknown.      Here, http://walker/svn-mirror/103113 is dest_url, and is src_url.  I can't figure what REPORT request failed. May be svnsync, which is new 1.4 application, asks for something that subversion 1.2.3 does not know about ? Do I need upgrade my server on the linux machine ?    Regards,  Ivan

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