Updating repository after directory move

Hi,    I just changed my repository directory structure a bit. I thought I'd share my experience, if someone wants to do the same... (I wouldn't have done this if there were no "free" login for this forum at bugmenot):    I had a single project in my repository (say it lives in c:/myrepos)    /   trunk/   ...   tags/   branches/    And a single local directory where trunk was checked out (say in c:/myproject). I did my changes in this directory. I had some files modified.    I wanted to add a second project to the repository, so I wanted to move the first project into its own folder in the repository. I figured I could use svn mkdir and svn move on the repository directly:    svn mkdir file:///c:/myrepos/project1 -m "Move project into folder"  svn mkdir file:///c:/myrepos/trunk file:///c:/myrepos/project1 -m "Move project into folder"  svn mkdir file:///c:/myrepos/tags file:///c:/myrepos/project1 -m "Move project into folder"  svn mkdir file:///c:/myrepos/branches file:///c:/myrepos/project1 -m "Move project into folder"    Now my repositry looked as I wanted, but I had to update the directory where my checked out code lives. I couldn't simply do a new svn checkout because some files were modified, and I couldn't do a simple update, because the directory I had checked out (myrepos/trunk) was moved (to myrepos/project1/trunk). So I did this:    cd c:/myproject  svn switch file:///c:/myrepos/project1/trunk  This changed my local checked out directory to the moved position and I could commit my local changes.    I hope this helps someone :-)

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