post down hook script that will send email to a user


Hi Folks ,  I am asking this question but i apologise please if this is not the correct forum ,  I have to develop a script that i want to place in at hooks/post-commit , that is basically i have to develop a post hook script and the main functionality of that script would be lets say if a user commit any piece of code in other words lets say if a user do changes in a file by modifying or by removing any text then when he commits that file in svn repository that script would be executed and it will be sending a mail to an email id mentioned in script and in that mail body there will be text which was removed by user shown in red color and the text that was added by user shown in green color  so the things that script consists of is  email id of reciever and from where the mail is sent  folks please advise how to develop such script as an example i have seen the ruby script to achieve the same sharing the url for that also...  Code:
but i want to develop the shell to achieve the same

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