smartsvn 6.6.x log shows wrong time

Nurettin Onur TUĞCU
Nurettin Onur TUĞCU
Hi all,  At work we use a very old (registered) version of smartsvn client from 2012 with a very old version of visualsvn as our server. Our windows client machines and windows visualsvn server machine are all set to GMT +2. When we commit and then request a change log, smartsvn shows file time as 7.5 hours earlier. I couldn't figure out why it would be exactly 7.5 hours difference as there is no such time zone in the US that I am aware of.   Because the server version is old, I couldn't try the same thing with different clients to see if it is a client issue.   I would appreciate any pointers towards fixing the situation without upgrading our clients and/or servers.  Regards onur

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