can I create a structure of directories with virtual files in it
I have a structure projects and some of the projects have parts that are general to the entire project and other parts which are specific depending on the language (English, Chinese, Spanish, etc) that the project will be installed in.  I want my developers to be able to go to one directory and checkout all the relevant files to work on.  can I create a folder with all the common files in it and other folders with all the relevant language specific files in it and then add the files that are common as virtual files in the language specifc folders so that when a developer checks out a language folder he will get all the files needed including those that are common and when the developer commits an update the update of common files is commited to the folder with common files so that all language folders get the updated as well.  Can I do this? Can someone guide how to do this or guide to instructions on how to set this up in SVN.

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I think that what I need to configure is external files I am working on figuring out how to set this up

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