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Wondering if anyone can help me out with a merge problem.  Here is the scenario:
  1. Create a new folder in Branch A 
  2. Create one or more new files in the new folder 
  3. Commit the new folder and new files 
  4. Cherry pick merge the revision (the new folder and new files) to Branch B 
  5. Commit the merged changes to Branch B 
After the commit, revision history and 'svnlook changed' output do not include the new files within the new folder. The new files are however committed to the repo. Tried both SVN 1.8 and 1.9 client and server with same result.  I am using a post commit hook script to copy files to a location on disk and it is missing files due to 'svnlook changed' output missing the added files in this scenario.  Thanks for the help!

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This seems, to me, to be proper behavior: the "svnlook changed" command is showing you properly what changed, e.g.:
 _U  branch/brB/ A   branch/brB/gizmo/
   Branch "brB" was updated and the added directory, in this case "gizmo", has not been modified as a result of the cherry-pick merge. In other words when you see the "A branch/brB/gizmo/" line you must interpret that as the "gizmo" object and all of its contents have been added to that directory. Since "gizmo" is a directory that means the entire tree! 

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