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I'm running subversion on ubuntu 18. Currently my repositories are on at /mnt/data/subversion/repos. The users are connecting to the repositories via ssh. So to connect they are connecting via ssh. So to connect they are doing svn+ssh://subversion/mnt/data/subversion/repos/my_repo.   How do I add /mnt/data/subversion/repos to the search directory of / so the users can connect using svn+sh://subversion/my_repo?  I don't want to add the repo to / . . . . .I just want to make all the repos at the /. I know I can add a soft link to each repo on / but thats not viable with the amount of repos we have.

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You've already answered your own question: if it's not viable given the number of repos, then your only other choice is to symlink the "repos" directory into "/" so that they can, at least, do: 
   Given that the symlink need not have the same name as the directory it points to, you could reduce that to "svn" so: 
   Hope that make sense to you. 

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