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Hi, We have a requirement of compare the contents of two releases(branches,folders) having similar files with names prefix change. The files are appended with unique random id for each file of each release. So the file name getting changed for each release. Ex: There are two releases 19a and 19b. 19a has four files customerassetimport-3125.dita importinstalledbaseassets-3166.dita importproductgenealogy-3090.dita maintenanceassetimport-3106.dita 19b has four files customerassetimport-3126.dita importinstalledbaseassets-3167.dita importproductgenealogy-3091.dita maintenanceassetimport-3107.dita Found some thing inbuilt support to compare two branches in Tortoise SVN, [url][/url] But it is comparing the files having same name otherwise it's considering as new files.It might not be helpful directly. So I am looking for suggestion how best we can tweek the file names to compare the two branches by using regex. TortoiseSVN 1.9.5, Build 27581 - 64 Bit , 2016/11/26 09:18:58 Subversion 1.9.5, -release Please guide me if I am at wrong place. Thanks, Samba

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