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World’s Largest Software Development Shops Set to Keynote at Subversion Live Conferences WANdisco announces New Speakers and Early Bird conference offers  San Ramon, CA August 16, 2010 – WANdisco, the makers of Enterprise Subversion with active core Subversion developers from the project on staff, is pleased to announce that its Subversion Live events have been boosted by additional speakers from some of the worlds largest software development organizations.  Additional speakers now include Angela Thomas, Development Tools Manager at Juniper Networks and Alex Fishlock, Chief Software Architect and Tools Platform Director at BT. Angela Thomas will explain the benefits of using Subversion to support a large-scale global 24-by-7 development organization at US events, Alex Fishlock will address UK audiences on how to migrate to Subversion, improve performance and scale for a massive user base.  WANdisco also announced serious savings for anyone attending its Subversion Live events in the US and the UK. ‘Early Bird’ packages will see conference goers who sign up by October 1, save 25 per cent on the events to be staged in Silicon Valley, Boston MA, London and Sheffield (both UK) in February 2011. Existing WANdisco customers have the potential to save even more on these excellent events, which will deliver discussions, presentations and information on Subversion 1.7 (SVN 1.7) and the way forward.  WANdisco employs some of the most capable and highly respected committers to Apache Subversion and has the most active core developers from the project on staff. The one-day conferences provided by WANdisco for developers, administrators and IT managers will feature live sessions covering Subversion’s future with the developers creating it, as well as expert-led best practice workshops focused on getting the most out of using Subversion.  Registration Interested parties can register now at WANdisco advises early registration as demand for these conferences is very high and space is limited.  Conference Highlights Subversion 1.7 and the Way Forward – During this keynote session Hyrum Wright, Subversion’s release manager since 2008 and WANdisco’s Director of Open Source, will discuss the release of Subversion 1.7 and the significant enhancements it will provide, including HTTPv2, which promises to boost performance while preserving the benefits of web access to Subversion. The roadmap for the Subversion project beyond 1.7 will also be discussed.  Working Copy Enhancements – During this session, major enhancements to Subversion’s working copy library, including centralized metadata storage and improved extensibility will be covered. These enhancements will lay the groundwork for offline commits and other features normally associated with distributed version control systems such as Git and Mercurial.  Obliterate – During this session, Obliterate, a new feature that cleanly removes obsolete files and other data from Subversion repositories will be explained. Obliterate will include comprehensive audit and recovery capabilities to guarantee that history is always available.  Roundtable with the Committers – Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the enhancements that they would like to see in future releases of Subversion and exchange ideas with other Subversion users and administrators.  Angela Thomas, Juniper Networks (US conferences) – WANdisco is delighted to have Juniper Networks’ Development Tools Manager, Angela Thomas on board for Subversion live. She has hands-on experience of implementing Subversion to achieve 24-by-7 performance for 3,000 developers simultaneously across three global locations.  Alex Fishlock, BT (UK conferences) – Our Subversion Live conferences in the UK will be considerably enhanced by the addition of BT’s Chief Software Architect, Alex Fishlock. Having overseen BT’s migration to Subversion from Borland StarTeam to improve performance and scale, Alex will explain how his company has the capability to automate and integrate across their development infrastructure of 40,000 developers.  Expert-led best practices workshops for Subversion developers and administrators will also be held at each of the four Subversion Live conferences.  Dates and details  - February 1, 2011 – Subversion 1.7 Live at the San Jose Hilton, Silicon Valley, CA  - February 21, 2011 - Subversion 1.7 Live in Boston – Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newton, MA  - February 15, 2011 - Subversion 1.7 Live at Heathrow Airport Hilton, London, UK 

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