Hi guys,    Following earlier threads about the problems we're having on this site with spam, I would like to invite anyone who uses this site and is frustrated with the problem to volunteer to act as a moderator.    Unfortunately, while we have a small team of engineers who work on this daily we can't always catch everything. I'd very much like to see this problem improved, and I believe the first step is going to be getting our most frequent users involved.    You guys have a much better idea than me about what constitutes spam, and what posts should and should not be allowed, so this is a personal appeal from me, not just WANdisco. I would like to see this site become a fantastic community resource for all Subversion users.    If anybody is interested, or has suggestions for improvement, please post them here. We are currently looking into software solutions, and I know we have something in the pipeline but unfortunately it's a case of getting this prioritised.    Many thanks for your time!    Lesley Card  WANdisco

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