Upcoming Features for uberSVN

The beta release of uberSVN contains just a taste of the functionality we have planned for the platform. Items being worked on right now include:  
  • Support for Apache based LDAP and Active Directory authentication 
  • Ability to roll-your-own advanced path based access control 
  • Manual backup and reload of uberSVN configuration via a downloadable XML file 
  • An alternative repository browser to address a number of issues with the bundled version of Sventon 
  • A default defect tracker tool, closely integrated with Subversion 
  • An easy to manage continuous integration tool 
  Whilst our vision for making uberSVN The Open ALM Platform for Subversion is clear, we believe that great products can only be made by listening to users and prioritising our development efforts based on feedback. We encourage you to tell us what you would like to see next in uberSVN via these forums.   Ian

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